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The MBA Sprint Consulting Program is an intensive short-term program specifically designed for online MBA students to boost their international experience and engagement.


The key objective is for MBA students to draw on their existing work experience and backgrounds to analyze, design, make strategic decisions, and offer the best potential solutions and recommendations under the expert guidance of GIOBA's consultants.


By developing a strategic task for a global client, students enhance their work skills, gain valuable international experience and learn first-hand how various aspects of business work in different cultures. Each project assignment is challenging, yet it is designed to respect the limited time possibilities of online MBA students. 


The Sprint MBA project usually lasts from one to two weeks. The students are informed well in advance of the project assignment as part of the project preparations and participate in an orientation meeting and interview with the client company.


At the MBA level, we implement consulting projects for groups of 10–15 students, who are further divided into smaller flexible work teams according to the current needs of the project.


A global program for online MBAs runs remotely.

Alternatively, it is also possible to organize a week-long international consulting residency on the university campus, which allows personal cooperation of students and faculty members at least once during the study. Such an event highlights the program, increases its value, and makes it even more attractive to potential students.


  • They broaden the international perspective and apply their business knowledge and skills by processing a specific problem of a foreign client

  • Under professional guidance, explore new markets and understand how business professionals in other cultures think, act and make decisions

  • Improve team cooperation and build leadership skills  

  • Sharpen critical thinking, decision making, and intercultural communication and negotiation

  • Build network of global contacts and discover new professional opportunities

  • Benefit from working with classmates from various fields and industries


Global Consulting Project for Harley-Davidson Central and Eastern Europe


"With absolute certainty, I can say that one of the major highlights of my experience with the UNCW Executive MBA program was the opportunity to partner with GIOBA in Prague, Czech Republic. The consulting project with Harley Davidson Central and Eastern Europe designed by GIOBA offered myself and my fellow MBA students a very unique educational experience. In a short period of time, it was necessary for us to work together and utilized each individual's skills in order to not only complete the project but also to deliver the client a quality final product that could be useful.

GIOBA and its leaders did a wonderful job communicating the client's needs and helping our group stay on track for project completion. I have memories from that experience that will last a lifetime. I hope that any student who has the opportunity to experience an International project with GIOBA takes advantage of that opportunity. They will certainly not regret it."

Master's degree in Business Administration and Management Student

University North Carolina at Wilmington - Cameron School of Business


Global Consulting Project for Packeta Group


There were many facets to the project that were amazing but for me it was GLOBAL TEAM project under the guidance of educated, experienced experts coaching us along the way. The intensity of the project helped me identify my weaknesses and strengths in a unique setting, a priceless education.

Master's degree in Business Administration and Management Student

University North Carolina at Wilmington - Cameron School of Business

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