"At GIOBA, we are committed to excellence."

GIOBA - Global Institute of Balanced Advancement - is a Prague educational organization formed by the merger of companies IQUAP & IILE. 

We offer more than 20 years of experience and expertise in the field of international education and global business consulting.

Our passion is to create and implement top-notch international educational programs, which connect the academic and business worlds on a global level.


GIOBA's philosophy is to provide innovative ideas and fresh inspiration tailored to the individual needs of all our clients - educational institutions, students, and corporate companies.

In today's world, the only constant is change. The need and ability to learn quickly, to respond, to adapt, and acquire new skills is constantly growing.


Therefore, we focus on the area that we consider to be the most important in human life (along with health) - education as a prerequisite for the successful and sustainable functioning of individuals and, consequently, organizations and societies.

The value we see as crucial in education is the sharing and exchange of practical experience and cooperation between young students and experienced professionals at a global level.

The need for interaction, collaboration, and the study of different cultures, values, attitudes, and approaches is crucial for anyone who expects to succeed in a global environment, regardless of field or specialization.

The owners of GIOBA are David and Pavlina Dvorský, two driven optimists when it comes to finding solutions and confidence in the future.