GIOBA is a boutique educational and consulting company with more than 20 years of international education and global business consulting experience.

We are the leader in providing experiential learning programs that connect the academic and business worlds and that equip graduates with real-world experiences and transferable work skills to succeed in the competitive global job market.

"At GIOBA, we are committed to excellence."


GIOBA's philosophy is to provide innovative ideas and fresh inspiration tailored to all our clients' needs - educational institutions, their students, and corporate companies.

In today's world, the only constant is change. The need and ability to learn quickly, respond, adapt, and acquire new skills constantly grow.


Therefore, we focus on the area that we consider to be the most important in human life (along with health) - education as a prerequisite for the successful and sustainable functioning of individuals and, consequently, organizations and societies.

The value we see as crucial in education is the sharing and exchange of practical experience and cooperation between young students and experienced professionals globally.

The need for inter-cultural interaction and collaboration is crucial for anyone who expects to succeed in a global environment, regardless of field or specialization.

The owners of GIOBA are David and Pavlina Dvorský, two driven optimists for finding solutions and confidence in the future.


"We value our global professional relationships, which play a vital role in the international education industry."

Through a combination of strategy, expertise, and innovation, Gateway International Group seeks to accelerate international learning and engagement by assisting institutions and organizations around the world to succeed in a new era of higher education.

The Underground Agency is a nonprofit, student-owned marketing strategy firm that helps local businesses develop fresh and creative marketing solutions and connect with Generation Z and millennials.

The agency is fully integrated into three business courses that aim to resemble the real-world environment. Thus, the syllabus is transformed into a job description, students are turned into employees, and classrooms become a collaborative office space. Further, students—now the employees—engage in client projects that produce tangible, measurable evidence for work competencies and an entrepreneurial mindset. 

The Prague University of Economics and Business (VŠE), is the biggest public university in the field of economics and business in the Czech Republic. VŠE has six faculties offering applicants a broad spectrum of bachelor, master, Ph.D. and MBA study programs. The university is highly appraised both in the Czech Republic and abroad. The Faculty of Business Administration is EQUIS accredited, which ranks the faculty among the top 1% of business schools in the world.