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GIOBA, based in Prague, Czech Republic, is a family-run educational and consulting company with more than 20 years of international education and global business consulting experience.


We believe that learning is a continuous lifelong process.

That is why we develop customized educational solutions that provide students with high impact international experience at all stages of their lives and careers.


We achieve this through our experiential project-based study programs that in a unique way connect the academic and business worlds on a global scale.

The owners of GIOBA are Pavlina Dvorská and David Dvorský, two driven optimists searching for seemingly non-existent solutions and believing in a balanced future.​

"At GIOBA, we are committed to excellence."

Pavlína is an experienced and enthusiastic professional in the field of international education.

At GIOBA, she is responsible for strategic communication and cooperation with universities, the management of educational programs, and for building meaningful relationships with companies that are an essential part of our consulting projects.

She believes that education should be a lifelong process and if it is built on real-life experiences then it has the greatest and long-term impact.

Pavlína Dvorská
Partner & CEO

"If you want to learn by doing, you must not be afraid of mistakes. They are an important part of every learning process.
Take your chances, make mistakes and they will lead you
to a greater win."

David Dvorský
President & Partner

David, is a seasoned business professional with an extensive experience in applied international education.


David boasts comprehensive expertise in strategic sales, marketing, finance and international business consulting in a variety of industries.


His experience is a great source of know-how on the practical functioning of companies, development and expansion strategies and multicultural management so valuable for leading international student consulting projects.

"Learning should be adventurous and the business consulting project is a truly adventurous experience.

So, do you accept the challenge and do another successful project together with us?"

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