"No company is small enough to not deserve a project from our client universities.

The business challenges matter, not the size."


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“At Budweiser Budvar, we focus on brand and business development on our top priority markets, a large US market being one of them which belongs to one of the most competitive in the world. There is a need for unconventional, but at the same time, also a sophisticated approach. US market could be seen not only as one of the biggest markets for premium imported beers worldwide but also as a trend-setter, vibrant demand from both consumer trends/behavior and beer industry innovations perspective.

Therefore, we have gladly decided to participate in this Student Consulting Project with GIOBA and UNCW. As expected, it brought us a unique, unconventional, but sophisticated opportunity to understand the US beer market in its facets much deeper. We could better understand our position, opportunities, and challenges and to shape alternative marketing and business strategies and models. All that seen by the eyes of young local students, bringing their vital and creative energy and attitude, supported by the skilled and versatile academic team.

The project was indeed a great experience and very useful for our company. The UNCW students were professional and delivered excellent research and recommendations. I would highly recommend this for any business.”

Robert Chrt, Director Strategy & Business Development


"Our company MOSER has always been focused on export markets thanks to its specific product portfolio, tradition, and history. So far, we have implemented sales activities through traditional partner channels, relying on their market knowledge and the ability to promote and sell our products in their territories. The current health situation in the world (COVID-19) completely changes the client preferences and brings a much greater emphasis on the use of social networks, online sales and communication channels, and relationships with our end clients, even in the luxury goods segment.


I must honestly say that at the beginning, there was a certain distrust of our owners and C-level management, whether the bachelor's students could handle the consulting level presented to us in the proposal for the assignment of both projects. We were positively pleased by the level of the presented results and the quality of the project elaboration, which we would expect that rather from students at the MBA level. We appreciate the native Americans' view of the analysis and recommendations for the US market. None of the local managers and employees can replace this. At the same time, we appreciated that students were not afraid to go beyond the edge of our standard "operational blindness," which most companies that do not use external consultants find themselves in. I would recommend such a project to any company that wants to know better the needs of the market in which it intends to export its products in the future."

Simona Vávrová, Sales Director North & South America

“Cooperation with GIOBA and the University of North Carolina at Wilmington has been exciting and valuable. In my opinion, the business case developed, explored a complex market expansion topic from an unusual angle.

Individually, groups of students approached interest in our product categories on the U.S. market across various scenarios and among diverse target audiences. Ideas and business solutions proposed by students were fresh and creative, giving us interesting and inspirational inputs. The original approach of students towards target audience diversification and product offering touched me.

I would suggest this type of exercise related to the concrete business case development to all companies who look for fresh and unusual approach while defining their strategies and eventual expansion plans.

It has been a beneficial experience for both parties, for students who learned a lot while thinking about a complex business scenario, building on a concrete example. And as well for us. As a company, we appreciate cooperation with young and fresh minds, which is always exciting and inspiring.”

Jana Barbati Chadová, Global Marketing Services Director