The Global Business Consulting Program (GBCP) - is a highly effective program format based on experiential project-based learning

GBCP is a semester-long program that aims to provide higher education students with a unique opportunity to implement real-life consulting projects for selected small and medium-sized enterprises from the region of Central and Eastern Europe.


This advanced program provides maximum scope for applied international experience and interdisciplinary collaboration. Undergraduate or graduate students cooperate in work teams, communicate with academics and experienced business consultants from other cultures, and practice the methodology and tactics of international project management. The project assignments are demanding yet feasible, reflecting the learning objectives and capabilities of the students.


We establish project cooperation exclusively with those companies that can guarantee C-level managers or company owners' interest and involvement who will pay serious attention to the value provided by students and will ideally use it. Awareness that the work delivered can influence the company's strategy is key in motivating students to work responsibly on such international projects.


To ensure truly successful global collaboration and intercultural immersion, we provide a balanced mix of virtual learning activities - live interactive lectures, workshops, and expert consultations - using modern communication and collaborative technologies. At the same time, the GBCP uniquely supports students' communication and collaboration across disciplines within the home university.

"GBCP is a turnkey educational solution that can be integrated into any university business course and which, in its COMPREHENSIVE or MODULAR form, allows the involvement of a vast number and diversity of students."



- online

In this version of GBCP, GIOBA ensures the virtual consulting program's delivery in the entire semester's full scope, including academic teaching and consultant-led workshops.

The aim is to enable students the maximum possible degree of independent work and real gain of international experience.

Simultaneously, the university's faculty leaders have more space for professional project work with students, including their support, observation, and coaching.

Every Comprehensive GBCP culminates in giving a professional business presentation of project research and recommendations in an online presentation to client companies' representatives. Such an experience is unique at the bachelor's level.


- onlinE

- hybrid

GBCP can also be implemented as a customized module that can be easily integrated into residentially taught courses, providing significant enhancements to the existing curriculum.

The program can be delivered completely online or in a hybrid form, which differs from the online version in that the final delivery of the project takes place "face to face" as part of the study trip to the country where the client operates.

Thus, students have a unique opportunity to personally present their work results and meet the company's management first hand. Part of the study stay also involves participation in other study events, such as various business visits and presentations.


GBCP is an advanced program designed for junior and senior students who can apply knowledge from previous study years. However, every program is designed to equip all students with the necessary know-how through applied teaching at the beginning of the program, followed by a series of workshops led by senior business consultants to implement an international business consulting project successfully.

Due to the interdisciplinary scope and complexity of the global consulting projects, the program is open to all specializations within the business school, qualified and motivated to learn new skills and work responsibly to provide the best possible results to an international client company.

create the core of the consulting projects: 

  • Marketing

  • Management and Leadership

  • Human Resource Management

  • Business Analytics, Economics

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • Accountancy

  • Finance

  • International Business

  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation

UNDERGRADUATE NON-BUSINESS SPECIALIZATIONS can create functional interdisciplinary teams with business specializations:

  • Organizational Psychology

  • Sociology

  • Media and Communication

  • Electronic Media and Broadcasting

  • Engineering

  • Information Technology

  • Science 

Make Your Students Career Ready 

and prepared to succeed in the global economy

Our programs provide students with the higher order skills they need to become an attractive choice for employers:
  • Building intercultural competencies through applied work with other cultures
  • Deepening the ability to think critically and solve real-life business problems
  • Practicing teamwork and building personal leadership through acting "outside the comfort zone"
  • Building work ethic, responsibility, and professionalism through working for a real client
  • Cultivation of inter-personal and inter-cultural communication skills
  • Mastering the principles of global project management
 Building a professional resume during the college years is just as important as obtaining a degree:
  • In addition to gaining extensive work and study experience, all students participating in our global projects receive formal reference letters issued by their project clients upon completing the project, highlighting any resume.
  • Applied discipline-focused work experience implemented within an academically rigorous course, where students must successfully "sell" their recommendations to a client company from another culture, is a unique competitive advantage of our program graduates.
  • BCP is definitely the topic of every job interview