"Creating a new future of international education."

Faculty leaders play a vital role in the internationalization of college students facing the changing challenges and opportunities of a globalized world.

The accelerating global economic development and the crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, more than ever underlines the need to develop new innovative approaches in international education, including the effective use of new and emerging educational technologies.

Until recently, the data showed that a growing number of students are choosing short-term experiences abroad and that they are placing increasing emphasis on content, quality and gaining targeted applied experiences to help them prepare for their future careers.

To respond to these changing needs and to enable the sharing of new practices at an international level, we offer comprehensive, tailor-made training focused on various strategic and tactical aspects of planning and programming abroad, with special emphasis on the Central and Eastern European environment.

Our programs are designed for small groups of faculty leaders who want to enhance their educational portfolio, need to build international contacts and want to be prepared for the challenges of tomorrow.

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