"We appreciate the opinions of all our students and faculty leaders
with whom we had the honor to cooperate."
Global Consulting Project for Harley-Davidson Central and Eastern Europe

"With absolute certainty, I can say that one of the major highlights of my experience with the UNCW Executive MBA program was the opportunity to partner with GIOBA in Prague, Czech Republic. The consulting project with Harley Davidson Central and Eastern Europe designed by GIOBA offered myself and my fellow MBA students a very unique educational experience. In a short period of time, it was necessary for us to work together and utilized each individual's skills in order to not only complete the project but also to deliver the client a quality final product that could be useful.

GIOBA and its leaders did a wonderful job communicating the client's needs and helping our group stay on track for project completion. I have memories from that experience that will last a lifetime. I hope that any student who has the opportunity to experience an International project with GIOBA takes advantage of that opportunity. They will certainly not regret it."

Jason Younts, Master's degree in Business Administration and Management Student

University North Carolina at Wilmington - Cameron School of Business

University North Carolina Wilmington - Cameron School of Business

Ms. Dr. Nivine Richie, CFA, Associate Dean of Graduate Programs and Professor of Finance


As a professor, I am deeply grateful for the support offered by David and Pavlina’s professional staff and hands-on management methods. Traveling overseas with students and working with real clients always involve risk, but GIOBA helps us manage those risks successfully.


I strongly recommend their services for the following specific reasons:

  • Consulting project organization. The consulting project is highly structured and sufficiently challenging for upper-level undergraduate or MBA students. GIOBA staff is willing to negotiate with the end client on our behalf if we find that the preliminary project description is either too involved or too easy.

  • Cross-cultural business training. Textbooks and lectures cannot replace the hands-on learning that takes place as students wrestle with the ambiguity of a real-world project, particularly when the audience includes non-native English speakers from a post-communist economy. Though we try to prepare students before we leave the U.S. for the cultural differences they can expect, students benefit from experiencing those differences first-hand.


Our student response to this program has been outstanding and has drawn the attention of senior administration at our university. We select students based on GPA, prerequisite courses, and student conduct. We are able to be selective as we routinely have more students apply than we can accept. The students that register for this course are among the best students in the business school; they are eager to do a good job and pour a great amount of energy into the task of completing this team-based consulting project.


Students view the course as an opportunity to gain an international internship-like experience rather than as a typical “spring break trip.” Year after year, they report that potential employers are fascinated by their work, and several students credit the Prague program with helping them secure employment upon graduation.”

Global Consulting Project for MOSER

“Working on our client-based project in BUS 360 was very insightful. Collaborating with GIOBA and Moser gave me the opportunity to further understand how organizations function differently depending on their cultural background and geographic location. When conducting our marketing research, it was important to be mindful of these differences and how they might affect our target market and design of our promotional campaign.

Having this challenge was very eye opening, and has created an appreciation for other cultural viewpoints and diverse perspectives which I will carry with me when entering the workforce upon graduation. I also feel that my capacity to problem solve and communicate complex ideas to my peers grew immensely throughout this process. The ability to analyze real business issues with our client was something I had never experienced before, and is unique to the study abroad experience. I am incredibly thankful for all that I have gained from BUS 360, and am especially proud of my team for learning most of all how to persevere in the face of adversity.”

Logan Fields, Human Resource Management student and Dean's Assistant

Northern Kentucky University - Haile/US Bank College of Business

Butler University - Lacy School of Business

Ms. Marietta Stalcup, MBA, Director of Graduate Programs


“I am very pleased to recommend GIOBA to your organization. I had the pleasure of meeting David and Pavlina Dvorsky during one of my “self-organized” visits to Prague. During that trip, we had some last-minute cancellations and GIOBA stepped in and successfully arranged a full day of excellent activities in less than 36 hours. Very impressive! As a result, we opted to return to the Czech Republic the following year and hired GIOBA as our provider organization.


GIOBA’s knowledge and expertise with Central European programs are outstanding. I make it a priority to take my MBA students to Central Europe at least every other year (we are a small program) because of the dynamic growth in the region, ease of travel to Western Europe, and the quality of educational and consulting opportunities in the region. GIOBA blends historic, cultural, social, economic, consulting, and leadership team discussions that are customized to your specific Student Learning Outcomes and consulting project requirements. No cookie-cutter programming here!


As a Program Director, I am grateful for the support offered by David, Pavlina, and their professional staff. Their extensive network and long-standing relationships with small and large companies in the region allows them to plan and adjust when necessary.”

Global Consulting Project for Sonnentor

“In my opinion, the greatest benefit of working on the project client was seeing the world through the eyes of a culture foreigner to my own. I learned and grew so much from this experience because I was pushed to try new things, work with new people and entirely new culture. I am thankful for this experience and i will never forget it”! Lindsay Wood, Marketing students, Northern Kentucky University - Haile/US Bank College of Business

“For me, the greatest benefit of working on the project was the collaboration it allowed. Not only the collaboration with our classroom, but with the EMB students and with GIOBA. This would have not been as exciting and as good of a project without all the pieces. I was happy to be pushed out of my comfort zone through teaming up and speaking to Sonnentor. This taught me a lot about not being a “soloists”, and trying to work by myself, but collaborating to get e better end product. Thank you so much for an amazing program”!

- Student of Electronic Media and Broadcasting, Northern Kentucky University - Haile/US Bank College of Business

Haile/US Bank College of Business, Northern Kentucky University & The Underground Agency 

Dr. David Raska, Chief of Experiential Growth and Associate Professor of Marketing

“What a great experience for our students (and faculty)!


GIOBA provides a few priceless benefits that are hard to find elsewhere.

First, they know the local business environment and can facilitate business meetings with companies that fit our interests.

Second, they are flexible and respectful of our own project needs and capable of finding clients that fit our expectations.

Third, they provide 24/7 access to a caring companion who guides us through and helps us

throughout the entire stay in Prague.

Fourth, they can create programs that allow our students and faculty to experience what they want as well as things they would not think of on their own.

Last but not the least, Pavlina and David love what they do and have the courage to be true to themselves. Without that, our students would have only half of the cultural experience they need! They need to learn how to manage projects in collaboration with people from different cultures who follow different business acumen and practices.


GIOBA can deliver all of this and much more. Just ask for it!”